Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Past Kayaking Trips (Pictures Only)


LOCH LONG (2009)

MULL: paddled with Heather and Jim.

North Uist: paddled with Claire, Harry and Jim.

My boat: North Shore Atlantic (Cliodhna)

April 2009
The long awaited day arrived (April 2009) and I finally received my sea kayak: North Shore Atlantic. She was beautiful and still is. She glowed in the back garden. I sat in her, polished her, and studied her again and again. I explored the hatches and adjusted the seat and then polished her again. I have never seen such a perfect design for a sea kayak. Perfection (tippy Quest owners eat your heart out). Sorry, this should be an objective article!!

She was launched in Loch Sween

Moving the bulkhead to give me more storage space. A scary procedure!

It is now December and I have decided to name my boat Cliodhna (Klee-in-ah) after the Celtic Godess: The Irish/Scottish Celtic Goddess renowned for her Great Beauty. When she assumes human form, Cliodna is the most beautiful woman on earth: the fair skinned shapely one. She was the ruler of the waves. It was said that every ninth wave embodied her, and broke higher and stronger than any of the other wave. It was a Celtic belief that every ninth wave that breaks ashore has magical properties. It is also said that to hear Cliodhna's Wave is a fortunate thing, as it will solve for you any difficult problem you are experiencing at the time.Cliodhna rules the Land of Promise, an otherworld where there is no violence or death. She also took the form of a sea bird and therefore symbolized the Celtic afterlife.


Oban and the surrounding area, is highly rated for sea kayaking. The possibilities are well documented. To give you a different perspective of this area here are some pictures from the summit of Beinn Lora (Ledaig/Benderloch).

Looking west from Beinn Lora: Rubha Garbh Point, Sourthern Lismore, and in the distance Morvern and Mull.

North is Loch Crearan and Appin area

South west looking over the caravan site is Mull

To the east Loch Etive

The shore at Ledaig

A Spurdog taken from the shore and safely returned.

Ledaig near Oban (Summer 2009)

I am Lucky enough to have the use of a caravan at Ledaig near Oban. There is some wonderful paddling in this area, day or extended outings: Lismore, Loch Etive, Kerrera, and Mull, Cuan, Jura, the list goes on and on.

Eilean Mor at Dunstaffnage Bay.
View from Camas Nathais, looking towards Kerrera and Mull.

Entering Ardmucknich Bay.

Lunch time.


JULY 2009
This paddle and overnight camp on Lismore (18/19-07-09) had all the ingredients for an enjoyable and memorable trip. Plan ‘A’ was to launch from Port Appin. However, due to the lack of parking facilities pan ‘A’ had to be abandoned. Plan ‘B’, five of us: Kirsty, Craig, Eddie (Quest129), Jim and myself, launched the kayaks from just north of Benderloch and paddled across Loch Crearan past Eriska out into the Lynn of Lorn and north past the Appin Rocks towards the north tip of Lismore . The sea was lumpy (exciting) as we past Rhbh’ Aird Ghainimh, heading south towards the skerries off Port Ramsay, where we had an early lunch. After lunch we retraced our wake past Rhbh’ Aird Ghainimh and paddled down the south coast of Lismore. Eventually we found a suitable campsite near Dun Uamh nan Cradh.

Wildlife sighting during the two days was fantastic: numerous sea/land birds, seals/seal pup, otters swimming, hunting and eating its catch on the shore and mackerel chasing large shoals of sprats near the shore.

The calm before the storm
Sunday, after exploring Eilean na Cloiche we paddled across the Lynn of Lorn heading towards the finishing point at Ledaig caravan park, the sea got very lumpy (even more exciting). The conditions were deteriating quickly (waves breaking) as we neared Fion Ard: we headed Camas Nathais bay to shelter. Cold and tired we found a sheltered area out of the increasing wind and rain, lit a fire which lifted the spirits, shared some food, reflected on our days paddle and life in general and laughed for the next four hours, thanks to Eddie. The evening calm came, we left the bay and 40 minutes later the trip was over. LismoreGreat paddling and company.