Monday, 3 May 2010

The Kyles of Bute. (Porpoise, Maids and Clouds).

I had wanted to paddle the Kyles of Bute for a few years now but for some reason never got around to it. I was to meet Eddie at Colintraive where we would launch the kayaks. There is always the added excitement of paddling in a new area. The geography of the area and the low lying cloud hanging over the hills and mingling with the forests created a sense of intimacy that continued to grow throughout the day.
We were then rewarded by our paddle to Eilean Dubh and the bay behind it by a totally tranquil atmosphere.
The Burnt Islands, a short paddle NW from Colintraive turned out to be a paradise for wildlife. Large numbers of Eider Duck (I have never seen so many in one area) swam, dived, courted or just sat contently on the shore. Their Oooooing sound drifted from all directions. Numerous Gulls sat paired on these islands. Herons fished, Oyster catchers, Curlews and Waders called. There were a few seals basking on rocks and more kept an eye on us from the water.
View from near Buttock Point looking North towards Eilean Dubh on the left and further in the background lies Loch Riddon/Ruel.
We then headed to Tighnabruaich. As we approached Tighnabruaich we were privileged and surprised to be in the company of pod Porpoises of approximately 15 to 20 in number, which rolled on the surface over a large area of water. I did not manage to get any pictures of them. I gave up trying and enjoyed the moment. Fantastic and undoubtedly the Porpoises were the highlight of yet another wonderful day on the water.
Lifeboat at Tighnabruaich coming in from an exercise.
Paddling north back up the Kyles.
Lunch on the west shore of Bute.
Myself with the Maids of Bute.
The Maids of Bute.
Before ending the days paddle we again explored the Burnt Islands. On the way back to our landing spot we again spotted a few Porpoises. The perfect way to end a magical day.
The End.

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