Saturday, 28 April 2012

Rain Rain Everywhere But Not On Belhahua

    This was to be my first trip this year.
21 and 22/04/2012, Island of Belnahua.

We launched the kayaks from Cuan, paddling north through the Cuan Sound and down the west coast of the Island of Luing towards Cullipool. The ebb tide was running south as we headed out through the Sound of Luing towards Fladda Island and Belnahua. The water was lumpy enough to be exciting without being threatening.  In the past Belnahua was noted for quarrying slate.

Landing at Belnahua. South, numerous Islands add to the beauty of this area.  In the background the Island of Scarba dominates the skyline with the Paps of Jura in the distance.    

                                  The campsite with a 5***** view.  I suppose it will do!!!

Now derelict, the houses of the slate workers and their families have been uninhabited for nearly a century.  This small island once supported 150 people at the height of its industrial prosperity during the great days of the slate boom. Quarrying was shut down at the beginning of World War 1 as the entire male population enlisted in the armed forces or went to work in the Clyde shipyards. The womenfolk were unable to keep the quarries from flooding and eventually moved to nearby islands or joined their men folk in Glasgow.

The Island has many derelict buildings on it: two rows of workers house and out buildings; a school house, manager house and slate quarry work buildings. In the sound lies Fladda Island with its lighthouse, Luing Island and in the distance the mainland of Scotland.

A relic from the past: old, worn and past its best, and in the foreground rusting machinery.

   No matter which way you look the views are magnificent.
Geylag Geese are resident on the Island.
  Jim surveys the surroundings. 
    North in the distance lies Easdale.
Myself with Fladda Island in the Sound of Luing. The name Fladda originates from the old Norse for 'flat island'. Fladda has a lighthouse and lighthouse keepers' cottages built in 1860 by brothers David and Thomas Stevenson.
            Heavy rain over the Island of Mull.

  To the west lie the Garvellachs.
This turned out to be a great first trip. The wearther was kind to us even though there seemed to be showers all around us; Belnahua stayed dry. As ever Jim was fantastic company even though he ate all my chocolate discuits. It was soul cleansing to be back on the water again.

David Ardrey. 


  1. Liked the relic from the past comment!

  2. beauty!! What kind of tents are you guys using? Look great.

  3. Hi Lee, the tents are Tiso Travellers XTs