Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Skye, Scalpay and the Raasay Dolphins. Part 3.

Part 3, Scalpay, to Clachan on Raasay. Full selection of dolphin pictures.
It was another fine morning. As we broke camp the cuckoo bid us farewell as we started to paddle across Caol Mor towards the SW corner of the Island of Raasay. The wind and wave increased slightly as we made the crossing. However, after reaching Rubha na Cloiche the conditions eased and we had a following breeze that pushed us on towards Clachan, where we would visit the Raasay Outdoor Centre and perhaps have lunch.
Jim and the landing site at Clachan on the Island of Raasay.The Red Cuillin dominate the views to the south.

The new pier at Clachan, Raasay.

One of a pair of mermaids on the embattlements at Clachan.

Ready to get back on the water.

The Island of Raasay has a welcoming atmosphere about it, and I will have to visit it again for an extended stay.
The weather was now superb with a light warm breeze and sun. As we passed the end of the pier we were greeted to a wonderful sight as three dolphins broke the surface of the sea heading towards us. I asked Jim to raft up quickly hoping to get the classic picture of these magnificent creatures rolling on the surface dorsal fins showing. However, what happened over the next 30 minutes was truly unbelievable. The experience of a lifetime!!!

I will let the pictures tell the story.

The middle dolphin that is rolling has a wound on its back with a discharge or growth.

A very close encounter. Fantastic.

Thechildren from the outdoor centre get a surprises visit they will never forget.
The pod move out into open water.

David Ardrey

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  1. David, the third last image is insane!
    If I didn't know Photoshop well enough I would say FAKE! Great image.
    Having the bow of the kayak in the shot gives the size of the dolphin and its proximity.