Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Skye, Scalpay and Raasay. Part 4. The End.

After our encounter with the dolphins we paddled across the Narrows of Raasay to explore some of the caves on the Skye coast before heading north. This area along the coast had numerous shag nests on the low lying cliffs. Some of these birds were still sitting on eggs, while others had chicks at different stages. We eventually came across a possible camping site: OS, 513 375. Although the shore has some large smooth boulders on it, and the high grass plateau above the shore line and between the fence looks slightly unpromising, it is a very good place to camp. You could get about four tents on the flat plateau. There are also magnificent views up the Sound of Raasay, with Ben Tianavage on Skye and the Island of Raasay stretching northward towards the open sea.

View from the tent.

That evening I fished from the rocks and caught several Pollack.

The one below was the smallest but it had the most beautiful markings.

The smell of crushed grass from below the tent filled the air. I lay on top my sleeping bag looking out of the tent door, drinking another cup of tea, trying to soak up this wonderful environment and reflecting on the events of the day. I scanned the shore and small bay for otters again in the twilight (11-30pm), with no success. However, the dolphins did put in one last appearance as they rolled well out in the Sound heading towards Tianavage Bay. A great way to end a wonderful day.

After breaking camp we again paddled north along the coast of Ben Tianavage which was breath taking. For reference, there is a good camping area along this coastline: OS, 519 401. Although it is very rocky, there is an area on the left of the shoreline that looks more suitable for landing (with care). There is a large grazed grass area above the shoreline. Again, it also depends on the weather and sea conditions for landing.
Looking north, Ben Tianavage, and in the distance, The Storr.

We also had the privilege of seeing two Sea Eagles as we neared the mouth of the entrance that takes you into Portree Bay. This would be our last night on Skye and we wanted to be somewhere, near our exit point, to come of the water the next day. There is a good camping area at Camas Ban (OS, 491 424), it has a beautiful sandy beach and has some well drained short grass. We paddled into Portree to get something to eat, before heading back out to Camas Ban to set up camp. After breaking camp the next morning we slowly paddled to the shore of Portree, and the adventure was sadly over.

Looking east out of Portree Bay towards Raasay.


The End.

David Ardrey

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