Monday, 4 July 2011

Tent Review: Coleman Phad 3.

Coleman Phad 3.
This was the first opportunity I had to try the tent over several days on an extended kayaking trip. There were some heavy showers of rain over the first few days and the tent inner stayed completely dry, which was reassuring. The gap between the inner tent wall and the wall of the flysheet was fine. The adjustable vents on the flysheet also helped to reduce condensation on the underside of the flysheet. The structure and design of the tent against the wind was not really challenged during the trip as the wind never rose above beaufort scale 6. The porch, as hoped was more than big enough to handle my wet kit in and cook in when the weather deteriorated. The inner tent although big enough for me to sleep in would not be suitable for anyone who was tall. The time to erect the tent decreased throughout the trip. Although the groundsheet felt thin and vulnerable, there was no, problems with it.
All that is needed now is a gale force wind to really try the tent out!!!!
Bye for now.
David A.

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